Beta test online!
December 23, 2020

Hello players our beta test is online and will be open until 12/30 at 12:00 pm please feel free to test our server.
Grand Opening will take place on 09/01 at 15:00 GMT-3

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Maintenance 30/01 ás 08:00 GMT-3
Hello players our server will be in maintenance at 08:00 GMT-3 for improvements, please understand everyone in less than 1h will be online. Thanks.
30 January, 2021
Server Hosted in Brazil!
Hello players our server has been migrated to a datacenter located in Brazil, the best gameplay! Enjoy and have fun! Good game to all.
26 January, 2021
Atualização 20/01
Olá jogadores veja a atualização de hoje. Atualização 21/01 - Novas datas de sieges - Limite de players para participar da olympiad - Notific...
20 January, 2021

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1º   DRSPILBER 1554 pvps
2º   JulhiaGomes 972 pvps
3º   Akasha 923 pvps
1º   TitoxD 106 pks
2º   ppz 101 pks
3º   REBEL 92 pks